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Working together for all your business needs

Secure Shredding

Source: Information Commissioner’s Office

Our Secure Shredding service in partnership with the UK and Ireland’s largest off-site data destruction organisation, Secure Shredding Alliance, offers you secure off-site destruction of your confidential data. Our service helps protect your business and takes the risk and hassle out of the whole process for you.

Why Secure Shredding?

The legal obligation of businesses to dispose of sensible documents properly and protect the personal data of their customers and employees has never been more important than it is today. Recent legislation holds businesses responsible for proper data protection and disposal with strict fines of up to £500,000 for serious breaches of the Data Protection Act.

Did you know that you can also be penalised for disposing of information too soon, keeping it too long or failing to provide documented evidence of disposal? Simply discarding or recycling of business paperwork without an established secure destruction programme puts your information at risk of interception and leaves you susceptible to heavy fines. While in-house shredding is an option, it costs time and manpower, plus there is the danger that you may not be aware of all compliance issues required by the Data Protection Act. In addition, data destruction doesn’t end with paperwork. Information stored on old hard drives, DVDs and CDs also need to be disposed of in the proper way to ensure the safeguarding of your valuable business information.

About our partner

Secure Shredding Alliance has been helping businesses around the world in every industry and of all sizes with information management since 1951. Today they are the largest off-site data destruction organisation in the UK and Ireland, employing more than 189 staff and a fleet of over 104 vehicles. Their network of seven facilities provides the most comprehensive coverage within the UK & Ireland managing over 250,000 annual collection, securely destroying and recycling 52,000 tonnes of material.

The staff at Secure Shredding Alliance are all vetted to ensure a consistently high level of service well above industry standards. Furthermore, Secure Shredding Alliance offer highly secure transportation and a secure chain of custody from collection to destruction including PDF signatures enabling full trace ability and accountability in line with the Data Protection Act. They shred every document to BSIA standard EN:15713: 2009 level 4/ BS8470 level 4 – above the standard industry level 3.

They are not only experts in data destruction but also data compliance and can help identify what types of information need to be destroyed and when.

Secure Shredding Alliance operates an environmentally friendly organisation with 100% of all paper collected through the Secure Shredding service recycled, that’s 52,000 tonnes of paper that doesn’t go to the landfill and instead is used to produce new paper products.

Using our Secure Shredding service in partnership with Secure Shredding Alliance not only ensures your information remains an asset, not a liability, but it will also reduce your impact on the environment. Win win!
Step 1 - Audit

It starts with a complete audit of your premises. The visit and audit helps to identify your shredding requirements.

Step 2 - Design

Once the analysis has been completed, we will design a suitable plan for you, outlining the appropriate number and styles of shredding units required for your premises as well as the recommended collection times/cycles

Step 5 - Verification

Once your documents are securely shredded, you will receive a certificate of Destruction from Secure Shredding Alliance after each and every shred cycle.

Step 6 - Account Management

Secure Shredding Alliance will proactively review your needs, making recommendations with appropriate up and down-sizing of units to ensure you continue to receive the best possible care.

Step 7 - Invoicing

We will invoice you for the service that is delivered by our partner, Secure Shredding Alliance, in line with our existing Terms and Conditions

£1.2 billion:- The annual loss of identity fraud to the UK economy
Source: Home Office
If you have a one off requirement for Secure Shredding WT Supplies can arrange that for you - just contact us on 0808 281 0282 and we will be able to get you a price the same day for you

Bulk Shredding is fast , Secure and saves a massive amount of Person Hours in shredding older documents that are no longer needed and are either too bulky for a conventional shredder or just from a time point of view.

You also have the benefit of a certificate of destruction meaning that you are fully compliant with the Data Protection Act



Service is not available for Off Shore Mainland UK postcodes, Far North of Scotland (KW Postcodes) or Far West Wales (SY/SA Postcodes)One Off Collection £75Type
Sacks 15kgsx 15 
Archive Boxes 15kgsx 15
Additional Sack`s or boxes  (15kgs)£5.00 



Monthly Charge (min 12 months)£75.00Choice of Either
120 LTR Binx 6
240 LTR Binx 4
Secure Consolesx 6