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HSM Profipack range
HSM C400HSM P425
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HSM ProfiPack packaging padding machines – the smart packaging solution

From waste to packaging material: pack your products securely and simply with HSM ProfiPack packaging padding machines. The cardboard shredders are an ingenious solution for all dispatch and storage areas. They perforate used cardboard cartons and use them to make universally applicable padding mats from corrugated cardboard that are as good as new or make compressed filling material from a number of cardboard boxes for the particularly secure shipment of heavy or difficult-to-pack items. The use of used cardboard boxes and shipping cartons saves money and also makes a constructive and practical contribution to protecting the environment. Producing your own cardboard boxes could not be easier! Producing your own packaging paddings from cardboard is thus economical and environmentally friendly.

Small in size – big on impact! The HSM ProfiPack C400 packaging padding machine enables you to process used cardboard packaging, transforming it into padding mats or padded filling material in a single step. As a compact table-top machine, the HSM ProfiPack C400 is mobile and flexible.

The all-rounder for universal everyday packaging!! This high-performance HSM ProfiPack P425 packaging padding machine processes a number of layers of used cardboard packaging, transforming it into padding mats or padded filling material in a single step. The professional device is mounted on casters and is therefore mobile, enabling it to be used anywhere.

Clean machine: the powerful team for commercial use! For clean work, the cardboard shredder HSM ProfiPack P425, incl. extraction adapter set with the extraction unit HSM DE 1-8 as an optional addition.

HSM ProfiPack – easy and flexible!

HSM ProfiPack packaging padding machines stand out from the crowd:

  • Produce your own filling and packing material in an instant.
  • Cut and perforate in a single step – no more time wasted on cutting up cardboard boxes.
  • The volume of the packing material padding is adjustable.
  • Powerful, efficient drive concept enables continuous operation. The stable housing, made from steel plate, was specially developed for heavy-duty use in shipping departments.
  • Intuitive operation with LED indicators on a robust keypad.
  • High level of user safety – e.g. emergency off switch on the HSM ProfiPack P425.
  • All models have a 230 V connection and state-of-the-art energy-efficient motors.
  • The tempered cutting rollers made of solid steel are absolutely impervious to staples and other soft metals.
  • The patented geometry of the cutting rollers and the robust bearing plates ensure long machine life and consistent material padding.
  • A generously sized support table ensures convenient operation that is simplicity itself.
  • All national and international safety standards are met.
  • HSM ProfiPack packaging padding machines represent excellent value for money.
  • If required, the HSM ProfiPack P425 model, incl. adapter set for extraction can be combined with an extraction unit (HSM DE 1-8 extractor).

HSM ProfiPack packaging padding machines make the production of your own filling material sustainable and profitable

Producing your own packaging material could not be easier! With the cardboard shredders HSM ProfiPack C400 and HSM ProfiPack P425, you can transform used cardboard packaging as quick as a flash into filling material that can be used anywhere.

Shredding cardboard could not be easier! And it helps the environment.

Cutting and padding is completed in a single step.

The packing material you produce can be used anywhere and provides optimum protection - in the form of padding mats from corrugated cardboard and padding wraps for filling hollows.

Perfectly packed – with HSM ProfiPack: quick and easy, optimal and secure packing for a range of items.

Producing your own packing material could not be easier!

Find out about the HSM ProfiPack cardboard shredder live. Producing your own padding mats from corrugated cardboard is simplicity itself, and clean when produced in conjunction with the professional extraction unit HSM DE 1-8.

HSM offers robust technology at the highest “Made in Germany” level of quality

The HSM ProfiPack packaging padding machines are particularly robust and ideal for continuous use for everyday packing requirements.